Bob Faut

Being the owner of a business gives me the opportunity to be involved with all aspects of managing and operating a business. It is a small business by every standard; however, I still have a love and passion for our continued growth and development, especially in the Internet environment. I strongly feel that the Internet is the future for small businesses.

Bob Faut, Owner of AutoParts Midwest

Bob Faut

Bob Faut

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Autoparts Midwest operates out of a 7,000 sq. ft. warehouse.

7 employees

AutoParts Midwest exports 7-10% of their products.

eBay, Amazon, B2B,

AutoParts Midwest

Bob Faut, founder of AutoParts Midwest, launched the business in 1980 after leaving Xerox Corporation. He spent 11 years with Xerox working in marketing and sales, but felt the need to expand his horizons and follow his entrepreneurial dreams. AutoParts Midwest was created as a distribution system in the emerging import auto parts market. With the onset of online retail, Bob had to make some major adjustments to his business model. He shut down some warehouses and moved into one location to focus more on online retail, which he credits with the salvation of his business. AutoParts Midwest is now flourishing in the online world, growing at a healthy annual rate, as well as expanding its product line to include domestic auto parts. AutoParts Midwest is able to accumulate loyal customers from all over the world due to friendly customer service and quality products.