Linda Lightman

Linda’s Stuff has been authenticating our products since the start of our business 22 years ago. We have always believed in getting that stamp of authenticity from an expert. When the Authenticity Guarantee Program came around, we saw that our buyers became super confident in their purchases and as a seller we also felt protected. The Authenticity Guarantee program makes a world of difference and personally as a consumer I would not purchase anything without this stamp of approval. I am also excited to see the expansion of the Authenticity Guarantee program. I love the fact that eBay is now authenticating other luxury goods such as jewelry, watches and sneakers.

Linda Lightman, Owner

Linda Lightman

Linda Lightman

Hatboro, PA


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Linda's Stuff

In 2001 Linda and Fred's kids decided to trade in their video games in hopes of making money to buy new ones. However, they quickly learned that local gaming stores would pay only a tenth of the original purchase price. The Lightmans's on suggested listing the games on eBay so they wouldn't lose out. -That's it, I was hooked," admits Linda. -As a self-confessed shopaholic I began selling my own clothes on eBay." The Lightmans' goal is to satisfy customers by striking a balance between their sellers and buyers while constantly ensuring sellers get the most money for their items.