India Small Online Business Trade Report

This report explores how eBay provides a vibrant digital marketplace that is a level playing field enabling cross border trade by small businesses across India. Small online businesses across India are using the eBay marketplace to successfully sell to consumers in hundreds of export markets each year, contributing to national and state efforts to foster balanced and inclusive growth through exports.  The report also provides insights into the phenomenon of new enterprise creation and establishment in India, a key indicator of business and economic dynamism, and highlights some state-level export development priorities that eBay-enabled small business sellers are helping to achieve.

Key findings include that: (1) While only 8.8 percent of traditional Indian firms export, all eBay-enabled small businesses in India are exporters and they serve customers in an average of 42 different countries; (2) eBay-enabled small businesses in cities of all sizes have similar export reach, with sellers from the smaller metro areas even outperforming the largest cities in some metrics; (3) eBay is facilitating market entry and participation for new enterprises throughout India; and (4) eBay-enabled small businesses are achieving export success in a growing number of states and union territories in specified product categories that are being targeted by their policymakers for customers in the key United States and United Kingdom markets.

The findings presented in this report demonstrate how eBay, an ecommerce marketplace leader offering a true level playing field for export success, is helping to empower Indian small businesses and entrepreneurs on the global stage. Moving forward, the importance of small business and digital technologies to the economic and export success of India has never been clearer. Opportunities for increased growth through exports, especially by small businesses and entrepreneurs across the country, are significant, and can be further supported by policies that encourage Internet-enabled trade.


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