Japan Small Online Business Trade Report

Our new report showcases how eBay is empowering Japanese small businesses and individuals by providing access to over 132 million consumers across more than 190 countries and creating a 21st-century export success story that benefits Japan economically, socially, and environmentally.

Top Findings Include:

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Every eBay Small Business in Japan is an Exporter
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eBay Small Businesses in Japan are Collectively Virtual Export Giants
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Nearly 70% of eBay Small Businesses in Japan are Newcomers
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eBay provides an avenue for alternative career and work models in Japan.
  • eBay Seller Tomoyo Arai
    I really appreciate eBay for helping me realize my ideal style of working. An eBay business allows you to work remotely, and that is the demanded style of working these days. I am an active seller and support people who want to make eBay exporting their career.
    Tomoyo Arai
    PlusBonBuono K.K.
  • eBay Seller JP Company
    The major difference between selling domestically and on eBay is that sellers can do business with buyers from many different countries. eBay’s brand awareness and ability to attract customers is huge compared to your own website. In that sense, I think eBay is the best tool to start overseas sales easily.
    JP Company
  • eBay seller Yuuki Shishido
    I have been an eBay seller for 16 years now, and I feel that the range of eBay in Japan has been expanding over the past few years. eBay gives a sparkle to my life, and I am very happy to be a seller
    Yuuki Shishido
  • eBay Seller Shun Kawakami
    I am very happy to be appreciated by customers from all over the world even though I live in Japan. Because I started eBay at the beginning of my business startup, I could become financially stable. What if I had not started my eBay business at that time...It’s a little scary to think so.
    Shun Kawakami
    Sneaker Mart
  • eBay Seller Takahiro Wakabayashi
    For me, eBay is a place where I can experience success and joy through selling, and where I can learn what is important in life. I would like to continue to use eBay for my personal growth.
    Takahiro Wakabayashi
    Obsolete Racing JDM

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