What We Do Together

SBAN Members work with eBay staff to positively influence ecommerce public policy.

eBay Advocacy Day

Throughout the year select SBAN Members are invited to state and country capitols to meet with lawmakers on legislative issues affecting online small businesses.

In-District Advocacy

eBay sellers also host their state and local legislators in their warehouses and brick & mortar locations. These events allow eBay, sellers, and legislators to build relationships and see the effects of positive small business and e-commerce policy firsthand.

Jamie Iannone with sellers

Meet with eBay Executives

eBay values feedback from its customers and each year we invite a handful of SBAN Members to our headquarters in San Jose, CA to meet with Executives and discuss how to improve the small business user experience.

Advocacy Event Sellers Discuss eBay

  • Kyle Evans

    eBay is the core of our business. It has allowed us to grow into what we are today. We wouldn't be able to have the same reach without eBay. 

    Kyle Evans

    The Resell Club

    Howell, MI

  • Sophia Stevens

    “I carry unique products that might be common in some parts of the country, but hard to find in rural areas. eBay has allowed buyers to connect with our products, which has generated repeat and return buyers.”

    Sophia Stevens

    Sweet Pea Spices

    Dallas, TX

  • Laurie Wong

    “To say eBay has changed the quality of my life is an understatement. It’s so much more than that. We would not be where we are today without eBay.”

    Laurie Wong

    Reflections of Trinity

    Powder Springs, GA


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