With Membership Comes Privileges

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With Membership Comes Privileges


The SBAN program has a wide range of benefits for you and your business:

  • Engage with legislators on issues that directly impact your business
  • Be the first to receive eBay and ecommerce industry information 
  • Promote your business through official eBay channels
  • Meet with eBay executives


This program offers a variety of unique networking opportunities:

  • Connect with fellow SBAN members around the world
  • Share best practices with other eBay sellers
  • Learn about new ways to connect, including local meet up groups 
  • Meet eBay employees and senior executives to discuss your Internet-enabled business 


SBAN also allows you to make an impact in a variety of critical ways:

  • Serve as a highly visible representative for thousands of Internet-enabled small businesses like yours
  • Influence legislation that affects all of ecommerce
  • Give elected officials a better understanding of how critical small business is to the local community and global economy
  • Help shape eBay’s ongoing government relations efforts

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